Are Companies Moving Away From Paid Search? What Does That Mean For SEO?

In an interview with Kevin Frisch, who was recently the CMO of Wag and before that the head of performance marketing, and CRM for Uber, he describes how Uber was swindled out of $100 Million in ad expenses by “performance marketing” companies. When they cut the budget by 67% they saw no change.

  • P&G cut $200m in digital ad spend and increased its reach
  • Chase dropped 99% (395k websites) from its display ad network and saw no business change
  • Ebay killed paid search after finding that most of its spend went to existing users


So what does this mean for SEO marketers, most of whom simply spend your budget to run paid ads? This may be the start of a giant shift in how companies advertise, but if you want a free online marketing consultation….feel free to contact us.


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