41% of Google Searches Return Google Products

On Wednesday the Executives of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google had a video conference with members congress about antitrust in Big Tech. One interesting thing that came out was a report done by The Markup showed that 41% of searches done on Google return results for Google Products (Article). ¬†Everyone knows Google’s original tagline “Don’t be Evil”. When speaking at an antitrust hearing, 41% self promotion is pretty damning.

So what can small businesses do to get noticed? One thing you could do is learn SEO to make sure your business gets noticed in the 59% organic searches. The other thing is you could hire Sioux Falls Digital to do this work for you. In addition to being Google Ads experts, we are also experts in making sure your business gets on the front page for search terms. 

In most cases, local businesses do not need to compete on Google. It is up to each business to decide. If you are unsure where to put your money you can contact us for a free consultation. We would be happy to help!

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