How Much Does it Cost to Win a Local Sioux Falls Election?

We took a look at the recent City Council race in Sioux Falls and asked ourselves, How Much Does it Cost to Win a Local Sioux Falls Election.

Here is what we found…

Alex Jensen (Winner)

At Large

Raised: $117,588.42 

Votes: 13,791

Cost Per Vote: $8.53 

Jensen won by 97 votes after a recount. If he spent as much as his opponent getting the first 13,694 that means those 97 votes cost $1,046.84 each.


Theresa Stehly

At Large

Raised: $16,045.00 

Votes: 13,694

Cost Per Vote: $1.17 

Stehly was the incumbent candidate and had a large base. This helps explain the small cost per vote.

Greg Neitzert (Winner)

Northwest District

Raised: $23,811.23 

Votes: 2,875

Cost Per Vote: $8.28

Neitzert was the incumbent and is the Vice Chair of the Council.


Julian Beaudion

Northwest District

Raised: $10,968.00

Votes: 1,820

Cost Per Vote: $6.03

Beaudion fought an up-hill battle taking on the Vice Chair but gained a lot of name recognition around the City.

This was an unprecedented race with delays, recounts, and a record amount of money raised for a City Council seat.

So….to answer the question of How Much Does It Cost to Win a Local Sioux Falls Election, the answer is around $8.50 per vote.

***We used to collect the data as of 06/01. The candidates may still need to file campaign disclosures and all the money raised may not have been spent.

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