YouTube Marketing for Sioux Falls Businesses

Have you ever been on YouTube and an ad for a local business pops up? Do you wonder if they are an effective way to advertise?

Turns out…they are! 

68% of people use YouTube to help make purchasing decisions. Why is that? Because people go to YouTube to learn. YouTube ads are more effective because of the learner’s mindset- already searching how to do something- actively trying to seek knowledge on a subject

Knowing this it is hard to imagine that only 9% of businesses are using YouTube ads.

Your business should be using this effective advertising platform and here is why…

  1. You get more bang for your buck- YouTube charges you if someone clicks on your ad or they watch more than 30 seconds. Seconds 5-29 is free advertising. 
  2. It is a great place for High Ticket Items- With YouTube advertising you can get really specific. If someone is searching for a high ticket item, your ad can be the first thing they see. Even on a competitor’s video.
  3. Super warm leads, unlike Facebook or even Google, someone clicking on your YouTube ad will know exactly what you are about because you already had 5 seconds or more to tell them. If they watch your whole video there is a high likelihood they will become a customer. 

How do I create an effective ad?

Hook- This is the first 5 seconds of your ad. It needs to grab the viewer’s attention.
Educate- This is from seconds 5-29 where you educate the viewer on your product.
Call to Action- The button that lets viewers skip after 5 seconds. If they stick around after that you need to convince them to click on your product/service.

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