What should I advertise?

Everybody wants to advertise right? Business may be down and you need to get things moving again, but how do you advertise in a time like this?

Here are a couple best practices:

  • ¬†Advertise about your business being part of the community and not features or products.
  • Experiment with online ads. This is a great time to run A/B testing to see what works with your customers.
  • Use upbeat messaging. Now is not the time to run fear based ads, if there ever is a good time.
  • Promote your team and workplace. People want to know that the friendly faces they miss will be there to greet them and welcome them.
  • Avoid trope phrasing like “unprecedented time” or “we are all in this together”. Use a similar sentiment just not one that has been used 1,000 times.¬†
These are our tips on how to advertise. If you would like a private consultation feel free to reach out to our contact info below.

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