Should My Business Post on Social Issues?

Typically No. 

Most of the time your customers do not care what your personal opinion is about an issue and it can be a minefield. 

There is an infamous example of the #MeToo movement creating a hashtag of #WhyIStayed for people who stayed in abusive relationships explaining why they stayed. The frozen pizza company Digiorno posted a picture of their pizza with that hashtag.

Needless to say people were outraged. 



The exception is when you Are your Business. If your Brand is mostly based on yourself, then you can and should post on Social Issue. 

You have built up a following of people who want to hear/watch/see you and they want to know what your opinion is. 

Taking a stance on a social issue might lose you some subscribers but the ones who stick around will be more devoted to you or at least will see your viewpoint.

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