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In honor of the successful SpaceX launch, the first time in over a decade a space shuttle taking Astronauts to the Space Station was launched from the US, we thought we would give our advice on how to successfully launch your online business. 

1. Get your Logo

If you are a follower of our Newsletter then you already know about MJ Designs. Megan does great work with any type of logo. This should be your first step since everything you do online should include your logo. Check her out at

2. Get your FREE website

Next you will need to create your website! For a limited time we are offering FREE websites to anyone who signs up for 1 year of support plus discounts if you pay for it upfront! Check out our previous post

3. Register your business

Lastly, you need to register your business. Which means hiring an attorney and getting your EIN. Jack Nichols from was featured in our latest Newsletter and he could help you get set up with what you need. 

This should be enough to get you off the ground and onto a Successful Launch and without breaking the budget!

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