How's your Email Marketing?

The other day I was listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast and the topic was Email Marketing. Email Marketing is when you market directly to your customers who have given you their email addresses. This can be a Newsletter or Promotional Emails. The benefit of this is that you are communicating directly with your customer. You are not making a post and hoping they see it on social media or paying for an ad. This is a cheap and effective way to reach your audience. I have given a link to the Podcast below but I thought I would go over some of the highlights.

1. Opt-in forms on most popular pages

Do not guess what these pages/posts are. Use your analytics to make sure you are putting the forms in the right spot. Timed pop-ups is a great way to do this.

2. Two step opt-in process- button and email

Keep in mind that this is different than someone inquiring about your product or service. This is customers asking to be part of your community, whether it be promos or Newsletter. Take a look at our Home Page footer the says “Get a FREE Quote” then lets you enter your email. That is the wrong thing to do with this. It should be like our (Newsletter) page on our main menu. Where you have to click then put in your email address. This small act is like a mini “yes” that the customer is making in their head will help you convert more subscribers.

3. Custom thank you page

This shows up after a person clicks “Subscribe”. Often times with email service providers it will take you away from your website and have a generic Thank You page. This takes away from your ability to let your subscriber know about all the products/services you offer or your ability to ask for a share. You should have your own page that highlights your products/services.

4. Custom thank you success page

Once someone subscribes to your list, they will get an email where they need to confirm their subscription. Again most email service providers take them to a generic Success page. This is another great opportunity for you to share your products/services and let them know they are now a valued part of your community.

5. Already subscribed page

Most websites fail to do this. This is when someone is visiting your site and wants to sign up and forgot they were already signed up. Most email service providers tell them they are already signed up since you can only enter the same email once, but this is another great opportunity to show appreciation to your customer/audience. Direct them to a new product you are launching or to a promotion. Remind them why they signed up in the first place.

6. Great first email

Someone went to your website, signed up for your email list, and confirmed they would like to subscribe. Your first email better have some immediate and actionable items that let them know why they signed up in the first place. It should be so good that they have to tell their friends about it. 

7. Scannable (viewable) content and isolated links

When someone opens your email they might be viewing on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile. The text and window will be different with each. When composing your email you should not have a small link in small text such as Link. It should read https://www.Link.Link/link-link-link. That will show up no matter which device. It should also be on its own line to make it stand out.

8. Remind people when and why they subscribed

Sometimes you can write custom code that lets people know how long they have been on your list. It makes them feel like they are part of your community and are still getting value from your emails.

9. Text snip-its- change links after the fact

People do sign up for your email list at different times. With text snip-its you can insert code that is controlled at the back end. Meaning that when you send an auto responder email when someone subscribes it will look different depending on when they sign up. The beauty of this is if you are sending info about events or time sensitive promotional deals, everyone who signs up will have the latest info.

10. Ask for replies

Customer feedback is the most important thing you can do when keeping your email list clean. Feedback lets you know what customers liked and did not like about your last email or promotional campaign. Often times your customers will tell you which direction to go.

These 10 items might sound like a lot but if you do them correctly, your email list will be one of the most successful and profitable parts of your business. We use the email service provider ConvertKit. If you want to sign up click the link below.

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